Brixham Yacht Club

Club Dinghy booking form

Please complete all sections.  On completion you will receive a system message confirming completion.

A member of the sailing section of the Club will confirm or deny the booking to you by mail on the mail address specified on the form.

Please note that you are responsible to return the dinghy in good working order

You may be contacted by the Club via e-mail or the contact numbers given.  The data will be deleted at the end of the season. Our full data Protection Policy in on our Website under the Information tab

The Club reserves the right to take photographs of it’s dinghies wile in use and publish on our Website for the purposes of increasing membership interest.  By completing the form you consent will be assumed granted.

Information submitted through this entry forms is sent to our company email. While we keep these submissions for customer service purposes they are never used for marketing purposes or shared with third parties.

Club Dinghy Booking Request