General Harbour Use and Charges


All vessels/boats using Brixham Harbour are liable to pay Harbour Dues, Slipway, Mooring Fees as applicable

As a summary, all boats on a Mooring or Marina Berth which pay Harbour Dues may launch and recover a dinghy for use as a tender an unlimited number of times without incurring further charges

Importantly, any boats kept in the Club Compound that DO NOT pay Harbour Dues to the Torbay Harbour Authority MUST pay a slipway fee for every usage.  Slipway fees and charges are available on the Torbay Harbour Authority Web site at the following address:

The Brixham Yacht Club is not responsible or liable for any failure of Club Members to pay the appropriate charges.

Young/Competent Persons

Brixham Yacht Club brings to your notice, Harbour Bylaws for competent or young persons.

Competent persons to be in charge of vessels

14 (1) No person shall have the charge of a vessel entering, leaving or manoeuvring within the harbour unless either he/she is himself/herself a competent person or he is acting on the orders of the Harbour Master.
(2) No person under the age of 18 years shall drive a power boat within the harbour. All power boats used within the harbour shall have their names or numbers at all times clearly displayed on each side and to the satisfaction of the Harbour Master.
For Clarity, the Oxford official definition of a power boat is: –   A fast motor boat designed for racing or recreation.

All bylaws are here within the Harbour Home Page