The water taxi service will usually be available by contacting the Bosun on: 07855 792422 or “BYC Shuttle” on channel 37.

Season: April to September inclusive.
Normal service is 0900-1600 Saturday and Sunday, from 1700 on Thursday race nights, and 0900-1700 on Bank Holiday Mondays.

This is subject to change at any time. During championships/regattas the shuttle will not be running as regularly. For variations, relief breaks & relief taxi numbers, see Blackboard on small compound fence near Club slipway.

Note: Shuttle has now been modified to act as a committee boat, and on Thursday nights with a committee boat start the water taxi service will end at 17:50.

Note: When Shuttle is in use as a Committee boat, there may be an alternative water taxi if volunteer driver is available for a rib, please see blackboard for details.