To receive Club information you have to manually “Opt-In” to our mailing list.  We as a Club are no longer permitted to add you to a mailing list or alter any details.

This data will never be sold or passed on to any third party.  In addition this mailing list ONLY contains your surname and E-Mail address.  It does not contain any other data.

Simply complete the two fields below and submit the form by clicking on the “Opt In” button 

This will complete the first part of a two part step in subscribing to Club E-Mails including important AGM or Policy/Changes information as well as notices of our events during our busy summer season.

You will then receive an E-Mail from the Club system.  To complete the registration simply click on the line that says “Yes, subscribe me to this list”  That is all you have to do, you can then delete the E-Mail